Walk-in cooler

The walk-in cooler is the increasing popular products used in the world as the weather is getting warmer and the peoples living standard get better. Under this cirmcumstance, our walk-in cooler project get built in many countries in the world. and the quality and the life span is confirmed by the  long term experience.

The walk-in cooler have the advantage of scientific design, cost saving, frame style structure, labyrinth joint abutment of perfect connection, and  the panel thickness ranged from 75mm to 200mm, for the temperature from 5℃ to minus 50℃

The panel of walk-in cooler can be divided ias fireproof,EPS frame, clean room panel, labyrinth joint and the double overlapping abutment,geometry  joint, and cam locks connection,and ship panel etc. Each has its own characteristics.

The door of the cooler is from the German technology, and it indludes the semi-embedded door, self-closing door, modified hieged door, heavy  sliding door, light sliding door, automatic sliding door,double-wing automatic door,Spring door, etc.

They are all of perfect and scientific design with top quality material for the sealing strip, the door plate, the frame, the rail device, the lock, the  driving system and the electric control system.  The details are in the specificaton.

The project range from domestic to the overseas markets, widely used in the air regulation of the fruit and vegetables, supermarket,food processing,  logistics of low temperature, large indoor skiing place, and environmental simulation test room etc.