Refrigeration Equipment

Refrigeration equipment is one of the main product used for walk in cooler.  The model range from single compressor units to multi-paralleled compressor condensing units with the capacity from 2hp to 150hp. The temperature for walk in cooler range from 5℃ to minus30℃. It can meet the requirement for fresh-keeping, cold storage, in hotel,restaurants, medicine, agricultural, chemical industries etc.

The compressor on the units include the brand of Bitzer, Copeland, Maneurop,Dorin,Hanbell.  The cooling method can be by air-cooled or water-cooled way, depending on the environment. The refrigerant is R404A, and other international required ones. The model can be box type or open type for the indoor or outdoor usage.

The air cooler use the external rotor fan, with defrosting method by water or by electricity, matching the requirement for the condensing units for work properly.

The condenser can also be air cooled or water cooled way, one is by copper tube & aluminium fin, the other is by tube and shell evaporator.
All the accessories are of international famous brand, which can not only ensure the quality but also the delivery time and the life span of the products.

The units can be customized by the powder and the specific climate of the walk-in cooler to make sure it is suited for the local users.
All the specification of the units are carried out in every aspect, and all the details are checked for the perfect.