Commercial Walk In Coolers and Refrigeration Units

Commercial Walk In Coolers and Refrigeration Units

Although many convenience stores are open 24 hours a day, owners often feel like that is too little time to run a successful convenience store business. If you’re one of those convenient store owners, managers or operators, you’re searching for ways to  save time and save money-but without skimping on quality. When looking to outfit your store with equipment such as commercial coolers, ice machines, cabinetry, drink dispensers and so much more, stop by Icy Company. Get an  incredible deal on all you need today. Just call 86 18702183296 to place an order.

Finding the Right Commercial Refrigeration Units
Before they find our website, too many convenience store operators waste manpower and money searching high and low for commercial walk in coolers and other convenience store equipment that will fit in with their store. They have to order in  piecemeal, getting one piece of equipment from one service and another piece of equipment from another. They order from places that really cater to larger supermarkets and stores, meaning that the equipment is ill-fit for a convenience store, in more  ways than one. Icy Company caters to convenience stores and small supermarkets, which means that every commercial cooler we sell is featured on our site because it’s the right size, the right cost, the right look and the right capability for the convenience  store operator. From now on, whenever you’re in need of equipment for keeping your store operational, simply head to the Icy Company website or call us directly at 86 18702183296. You will find what you’re looking for.

Unbelievable Deals on Commercial Walk in Coolers

The walk in cooler is a staple of most convenience stores and small supermarkets, but not enough supply companies provide affordable units specifically designed for the smaller food and beverage retailer. Take a look at the commercial refrigeration units up  at the When you find one you like, give us a call at 86 18702183296. We’ll want to know a few things about the area where you will install the cooler and your goals for the unit. Area measurements, the desired operational  temperature, the type of floor finish in the area, and whether you’re going to install the unit inside or outside can all impact the finished product. Each unit is custom measured to order so you never have to worry about getting an ill–fitting unit or a unit  that somehow doesn’t meet your needs. Along with a custom build comes a custom quote–that’s why you won’t see a price listed on our website. But all it takes is a call to 86 18702183296 for you to get your quote and discover how much money you’ll  save by shopping with Icy Company.

Ordering a Commercial Cooler and More