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Modular Cold Room Polyurethane Insulation Panel (PU Panel)
General info about our cold room polyurethane panel

We are a professional supplier & exporter of  prefab polyurethane insulation modular cold room panel of walk-in cooler panel and walk-in freezer panel  in China. Various sizes of best quality cold room panels for walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer are available for the installation of walk-in coolers & walk-in  freezers. The joint design of the modular coldroom panel is made with tongue and groove edges and are locked together with cam lock design  fasteners built in the sandwich panel.Cold room designer and manufacturer can easily assemble and install the cold rooms by themselves. Or when  users want to move the walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer to another place, the cold room panels of polyurethane foaming panel (PUF panel) can be  easily disassembled with a hex wrench and re-installed.  The prefab modular fabrication cold room panel is made of different dimensions which makes  it quite flexible for constructing different sizes of walk-in cold store plant and refrigerated machinery warehouse.All cold store plant & equipment  sandwich panels are injected with 100% high density polyurethane foaming material with an average density of 40kg/m3 firmly glued to the metal surfaces (optional precoated cold rolled steel sheet, embossed aluminum sheet, stainless steel sheet) for perfect sealing of refrigerated warehouse &  walk-in cold rooms. We have two options of insulation panel material which can be full polyurethane panel (100% PUF panel) or XPS + PU panel (composite panel).The XPS+PU panel is our factory`s unique foaming technology to make the excellent insulation efficiency and make much more  cost saving on price.

1. Cold-room Panel dimension

Polyurethane sandwiched panels with 100% polyurethane insulation foamed by high pressure or XPS + PU sandwich panel with specific standard  dimensions.  Standard width of the sandwich panels is based on a multiple 295.3 mm. The maximum length of the cold room panel is 12 meters.  Non-standard size PU insulation panels are also available upon request.